Digital Lending and 
Loan Origination Software

Loan Origination Software that enables all your Business & Consumer lending products

Without changing the way you evaluate your lending today
Reducing time and cost across the entire lending experience
Automating checks and underwriting for faster decision times
Scaling your loan staff to allow them to focus on more deals
With enhanced identity verification and credit data for safer decisions
Delivering a great borrower experience

Grow Loan Volumes

We enable  24x7 Digital Lending  

Attract new clients or grow wallet share from the ones you already have

Easily create and manage new targeted lending product campaigns 

Our FastTrack program will grow you from a Community lender to an Online lender in weeks, not months

All Consumer & Business lending

Our digital lending platform delivers all your Consumer and Business lending
products for any size community bank, regional bank or credit union

Credit cards, car loans, lines of credit, mortgages, business loans, insurance, education loans, refinancing, equipment loans, working capital… 

If you can underwrite it, we can support it 

Everything in One place

All paperwork and communications associated with each loan application are stored in a secure and separate Digital Loan File 

No file chasing, no misplaced documents, no waiting

Consistent compliance across your entire  information collection, review and evaluation process

Everyone on the same page

Keep your Lending policies in place

We work with the same approved lending and evaluation approvals you have in place today

We simply wrap automation and governance around it

You are always in control

Save a lot of time & people cost

The back and forth associated with the collection of information during the loan application process can be very time consuming 

No more chasing applicants who forgot to fill in one part of the form, or did not provide a copy of their recent pay stub, etc 

We build in the right checks and balances you need for each of your lending products

Spend more time on the things that matter

Deliver a better Experience

Borrowers can apply online with any internet connected device, from anywhere they are, anytime of the day

Deliver faster evaluation and decision turn around times for your borrowers

We also deliver a better In-Branch and outbound On-site experience with your staff; ask us how 

Know your Customer (KYC/KYB)

Better data, better decisions

CloudBnq delivers additional Credit History and information evaluation capabilities to help you drive a secure decision every time

You get full visibility across every loan application 

Reduce the cost of saying No

It could take the same amount of cost and effort internally to say No to borrowers as it could to say Yes

We lower your cost per loan application

We help automate any level of the collection, processing and evaluation for all  your lending products 

Only pay, when you say Yes

CloudBnq is built on a  model of mutual success

Our business only grows if yours does too

You only pay a small percentage fee for every approved dollar loaned

Schedule a Demo, and see how we can help you Grow!