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Grow Loan Volumes

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Welcome to Digital Lending!
Easily create and manage lending campaigns to attract new clients or to help you increase wallet share from your existing clients.

We even support application completion in other languages, like Spanish.
Our solution is branded to easily integrate with the website you have in place today.

Borrowers can now apply for any of your lending products using any internet connected device, from anywhere they are, at any time of the day. 

One platform that supports all your Consumer and Business lending products.
If you can underwrite it, we can support it. 

Drive a better Experience

A better,  simplified borrower experience grows deposits.
Give borrowers the choice of how, where and when they engage with you.

We also can deliver a better In-Branch and outbound On-site experience for your staff. Typically in many branches only a select few staff can initiate the the start of an application process.

We can enable anyone within the branch you deem the ability to start the application process within your branch walls with the borrower. Borrowers no longer have to wait for an appointment to start the loan application process. Borrowers can continue the loan application or upload files back at their home or office.
We also enable your staff to visit potential clients and start the application process together with them at their place of business or home too.

After all information is collected in a Digital Loan file it is than assigned to a Loan Officer or Manager for next steps and evaluation. You set how far these users can go through the loan application process. You are always in control.

Loan Origination

The Back and Forth

The back and forth associated with the collection of application information during a loan application process can be very time consuming. We help reduce that time.

For each lending product we build in the right checks and balances you need.
We ensure a consistent governance through the entire loan application process.

For example an application could never be assigned to a Loan Officer until it has all the core information required first. No more chasing people who forgot to fill in one part of the form, or did not provide a copy of their recent pay stub, etc. The solution lets applicants know what is still needed to ensure nothing in the process is missed.

Faster Decisioning

We put the information you need in front of you faster, so you can make the best lending decision for each borrower. 
We can help dramatically reduce your decision turn around time to your borrowers.

CloudBnq automates the retrieval of your existing Credit Reports (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion). We also add the ability to obtain Credit History reports from any applicants other online bank accounts they own too.

Your staff can use this extra time to process more loan applications, create new opportunities and better serve your clients.

The Cost of Saying No

Today the upfront cost and time associated with collecting, processing and evaluating a loan could be the same whether you say no or yes. We can help automate any part of that process for all the lending products you offer. You are always in control.

For example lets say you run a campaign to offer Student Credit cards to a local college. The cost to touch each of those applications can be costly especially is you end up with a high decline rate. We can enable those college kids to apply online with any mobile device, ensure we collect 100% of all the necessary information and uploaded supporting items you need – than apply your existing decisioning to determine if you should continue with the application.

Your loan officers spend less time on applications they should not be serving.

You only Pay, when you say Yes

CloudBnq is built on a model of mutual success.
Our business only grows if yours does too.

You only pay a small percentage fee for every approved dollar loaned.
That means when you say No, you don’t pay.

We believe in our solution so much that we offer a FastTrack program that will get you started with no capital upfront and no IT infrastructure investment whatsoever. Our program can have you up and running in weeks. We only go live when you are comfortable with our solution.

Everyone on the
Same Page

Everything in One place

All aspects of each loan application are stored in a separate and secure Digital Loan File area. No file chasing or sharing, no misplaced documents, no wasting time. 
The Borrower and assigned Loan Officer can securely communicate and collaborate on anything regarding the application including the upload of any documents.

The borrower has access to the Digital Loan file 24x7 so they can check on their loan status or update or upload any new information required during the evaluation process. Even final Loan Approval documents can be completed  through the Digital Loan File.

CloudBnq Loan Origination Software connects the people to the process.

Keep your Lending Policies in Place

We work with the same approved lending and evaluation policies you have in place today. We simply wrap automation and governance around it.

For each lending product we work with you to define all the collection information as you require it today. We never tell you how to run your business, our goal is to help grow your business.

For some products we will simply automate the collection of the information for your review and evaluation. You may down the line for some lending products start to enable automated evaluation whether for auto-deny or pre-approval type decisions.

You determine how much of our software is leveraged per lending product.
You are always in control.

Full Management Visibility

Management always has a full view of every loan application in progress.
Our Dashboard feature can show every loan application broken down by branch, lending product, loan manager, or current status.

Quickly see how each of your lending product campaigns are doing at anytime.

Gain valuable insight into your loan origination funnel.

Better data, Better decisions

CloudBnq brings with it additional credit and information evaluation capabilities to help you drive a secure decision each time.

During the loan application process, we offer the ability to pull the applicants banking history information from one or several of their online available bank accounts. We can also cross check information from the application data with all the credit and data sources during the process to ensure the information is accurate (KYB/KYC).

 CloudBnq delivers a secure, modern, and intuitive loan origination software solution.

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