Who we are

Why we started CloudBnq

Why did we build cloudbnq?
We saw the challenges Community lenders face today in loan origination. Larger competitors and web-based lenders continue to take market share because of one key factor;  they simplify the lending experience.

Enabling borrowers to apply for your lending products online 24x7, delivering faster turn around times on decisions, ensuring the process is always consistent,  enabling better collaboration between you and the borrower;
these are the things that drive a better experience.

When you deliver a better experience, you grow.
We believe in community lenders, we built our business for community lenders.

CloudBnq is run on a model of mutual success.
When you grow, so do we. Let's talk.
Today, you don’t have ...
...a lot of extra resources, the budget or time to do new things, innovate or launch new offerings.
But today, you do have ...
...to grow loan volumes, reduce the time and costs associated with loan origination and still maintain the your existing lending policies 
CloudBnq delivers a solution
that not only works with what you
do have
it also works with what you
don’t have

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